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September Classes

First of all, I'd like to thank you, my students! One of the delights of teaching is that I receive so much inspiration from all of you. Seeing you enjoy making your art is what keeps me coming back to teach.

I'm teaching classes again at Lauritzen Gardens in September. All of these classes are beginner friendly. Here is the schedule:

* September 6 & 7: Drawing flowers. This is a class that I teach on a regular basis, but we use different flowers for each class. The book by Dr. Dick Rauh, The Science Behind Flowers, is an optional text, and we look at different plant families each time while drawing. Drawings from each class can be put together in a sketchbook that becomes a colorful record of your experiences in botanical art over time.

* September 13 & 14: Introduction to gouache for botanical illustration. This was a fun class that I've been asked to repeat! Gouache is such a forgiving and fun media. If you have ever wished you could paint details in opaque media (and change your mind by painting over something), this may be the media for you!

* September 20 & 21: Drawing Fruit. In this class, we’ll draw different and surprising fruit structures, and learn more about them. This class also uses the optional text, The Science Behind Flowers. Did you know some fruits act like a saltshaker? And that some forcefully propel seeds? Come and find out more!

Here is the link to the Garden's website to sign up:

A great big thank you again to my students. I hope to see you again soon!

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