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Upcoming classes

I will be teaching at Lauritzen Gardens again next month. Here are the upcoming classes. I hope to see you there!

-The Fall Journal (Seasonal Paper Garden Journals): this class, on Nov. 7th and 8th, is going to be a fun one. We'll make a journal "book" out of a single sheet of paper (what is a book, anyway? That could be the subject of another blog post!). It can stand on its own as a seasonal decoration or be incorporated into your ongoing sketchbook. Anyhow, we'll provide the art materials and inspiration. Explore the beautiful season with very accessible art techniques and a fun approach to journal keeping. Bring your favorite fall quotes and if there are collage materials or colorful leaves you'd like to include, bring those along, too!

-Drawing Flowers, November 14th and 15th: this is a repeating class with different flowers every time. It will be something seasonal, so I'll be looking for what flowers are at peak this week. Learn more about the flowers and their floral families as we sketch them. Some colored pencil techniques will be explored, too. We'll provide the materials, but if you have personal favorite pencils or a sketchbook, feel free to bring those in.

Here is the signup link for both classes:

That's it for 2023. I attended the GardenComm conference a couple of weeks ago and hope to share some exciting projects with you soon. Thank you for reading along!


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