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It was an honor!

Pandemic Day/Night Journal. © Camille Werther 2024

I recently stepped down as Production Editor for the Journal of Natural Science Illustration. The Journal, put out by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators for their members, is a beautiful publication that features articles by an international community of science illustrators. I really enjoyed my 5 years in editorial roles there. I met so many amazing illustrators from all over the world and learned much about how to produce a gorgeous, illustration-rich journal.

The Guild honored me with the Special Projects Award for my editing work and featured my handmade pandemic day/night sketchbook in an article for Vol. 55 of the Journal. An image from this sketchbook is shown above. I'm truly honored.

A bit about this sketchbook page: I felt disconnected with time during the pandemic, so I challenged myself to fill a page, day and night, in a tiny handmade journal for one month while spending time in my garden outside. I kept track of the hours of daylight and how they changed using the NOAA online charts for sunrise and sunset for my general location and kept track of temperatures by looking at the NWS website for my location. I also have a little digital weather station which was helpful for recording data in in my yard. It was a great challenge, and now I have a keepsake of those strange, disconnected days, frozen in time on the pages of this sketchbook. Being out in my garden in nature alleviated some of the anxiety that filled those days.

The Guild has a local chapter here, too. I'm still involved in projects with the Great Plains Chapter. If you live nearby and want to join us, I'd encourage you to reach out! We have a variety of workshops and always have a great time when we get together.


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